Dana truing a wheel at Velocity Bikes

Bike Maintenance Session at Velocity Bikes (Cosham)

Alan and Myself went for one-to-one training to cover most of the eventualities and failures that could happen to our bikes when cycling our European tour. Although Alan had previously completed the "Velocity Home Maintenance Seminar" we really wanted hands-on training on our bikes, specific to our bikes (koga) so that if they did decide to break down in the middle of nowhere then at least we'll stand a good chance of fixing the problem ourselves at the side of the road, and not have to push them to the nearest town in hope of a bike shop (or any type of shop come to think about it!!!!).

Our session covered

Our road side maintenance course included how to change brake pads, gear and brake cables and how to make adjustments, then how to fix a broken spoke and true the wheel. We covered chain brakes, headsets, cassette removal, removal and replacement of peddles and handle bars and various torque settings.

Dave and Mike talked us through the tools that we need and supplied replacement parts and the best, lightest tools to do the job and gave us lots of touring and maintenance tips plus a steady supply of tea and biscuits - what more can you ask for.

All of this took four hours and it was great to have the expert knowledge right by your side, guiding you through every step with their knowledge of how to do the fix the bikes at the side of the road.

We have spoken about Velocity Bikes in Cosham before because of their exemplary knowledge and excellent customer service and last night was no exception and have offered to be our bike support hotline.

Thank you very much of taking the time to show and train us to be better road side mechanic's, which will take a lot of worry out of our ride, especially in the wild areas of the Arctic Circle.

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Much more than just maintenance classes, Velocity Home Maintenance Seminars provide Gear adjustments "cycling survival guides" specified for particular disciplines. Each class will cover: basic home maintenance, troubleshooting, cleaning and lubricating, what to carry when riding, bike/equipment choice, what to wear, nutrition and a general Q&A session. We'll also look at local clubs and where to ride. Cleaning and maintenance will be demonstrated 'live' on a well used bike.

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