Wilderoe Dash

Tickets booked one-way to the Arctic Circle!

The tickets are now bought, what a nightmare that was. We were trying to arrange buying online ourselves but with language barriers, the final flight being with a different airline, travelling with bicycles and wanting to do route in one day this was fastly becoming a headache. I decided to go to the #flightcenter #Chichester they were great. Jolene was my booking agent, she price matched, lowered the price, phoned and arranged it all., I walked away with it all booked. Email confirmation of the reservation for the bikes on all 3 flights, tickets and peace of mind.

Even she had trouble with the bikes on the last plane as the airline wouldn't 100% guarantee the bikes on it. But eventually we got the guarantee by giving the bike bag measurements but still there may be a delay and they could follow on the next plane. This plane is like an air taxi and lands 3x on route - oh my, we are in for a rocky experience!

Jolene gave me the confidence that if something does go wrong We have someone experienced who can call to put it right with a 24hr helpline. Also its great, when we land and change planes we don't have to worry about our luggage as it automatically transferred and if all's well we simply collect at the end. Visiting the Flight Centre, The airfare experts Chichester, really lived up to their name - it was worth the time to get the added peace of mind.

The journey will take 12 hrs flying from Heathrow to Oslo, Oslo to Alta, Alta to Honningsvag with stops at Vadso, Batsfjord and Mehamn. A long day to be had as we arrive about Midnight and experience for the first time 24hrs of daylight. Nerves are running a bit high as it all feels very real now and I am off for a drink or two to celebrate.


Click to view video of landing at Honningsvag Airport