Fully loaded and unsupported

4200 miles fully loaded, unsupported and for us, the only way to travel.

There's a thrill to being completely independent, just the two of us, our bikes, maps and home. It's a challenge just to cycle a route you've never been through before, mentally as the shear thought of cycling over 4000 miles is enough to daunt anyone, constantly battling against the elements and terrain. Turning, turning, turning enduring the heat and the rain, poor to non existent road surfaces, hills, mountains and soul draining straights. But strangely still we love it. There is a great sense of freedom and achievement when setting up camp each night or even simply climbing a hill and staring out at a vastness of beauty you wouldn't of wholly appreciated by rushing though in a car. You feel the greatness of a mountain and I feel exhilaration and calm all at once.

We are now seeking businesses and local help to supply us with some of the items still needed for our expedition in exchange for advertising, product reviews and mentions as well as looking for sponsorship for St Wilfrid's Hospice through the 'Just Giving' link on our website, helping to raise everyone's profile in what is set to be an exciting and much talked about expedition.

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